You aRE Not Alone

It is easy to succumb to fear in the face of uncertainty and unpredictability. I'm so sorry for how overwhelmed you must feel if you're having to postpone your big day. But I hope to put your mind at ease by sharing with you my knowledge and experience. I've assembled some resources you can use when being faced with the decision of having to postpone or even cancel your wedding.

Once you have your new wedding date, start reaching out to your guests.  If your wedding was in the next few weeks, a phone call, email or text is best. If you have time, consider getting a replacement invitation printed.  Paperie providers are already starting to come up with some fun designs for these postponements. And don't forget to update your wedding website!

Contact Guests

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Assure your guests that if they don't feel comfortable coming to the wedding that you understand. There are some guests that might feel uncomfortable traveling or being in a large crowd for some time. Consider a live stream for these guests.

steps for postponement

“Things turn out best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out.”


If your wedding date is something you hold dear, consider having a small ceremony with less than 10 guests and then have a larger reception later when things mellow out.

If you had an insurance policy prior to COVID-19 reach out and see what is covered.  Some of my clients have a policy that covers this and some that don't.

Check your insurance

Your vendors are completely overwhelmed with the postponements for weddings in the next few months so I recommend waiting if your wedding is more than  8 weeks away.  Also, with how much things are changing it is best not to make a rash decision.


Consider a Micro Wedding

If your wedding is more than 8 weeks away hold off on making a decision



Please remember that many of your vendors are relying on your business to pay their bills.  A cancellation here and there is something we can handle but when 1/2 or more of your weddings for the year are considering cancelling it HUGELY affects our ability to stay in business and pay our bills.  Please try your hardest to postpone instead of cancelling.



POstpone, don't cancel

I can help!


If you think you might want a planner to help you navigate your postponement or if your original planner is unavailable on your new date, please reach out.  I have many summer and fall dates still open and I am offering discounts on all of my packages to those affected by COVID-19.